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will be allowed to continue. the u.s. supreme court ruled the church is protected under the first amendment. the sting of that decision felt right here in maryland. we have the response from a father who fought the westboro baptist church to the highest court in honor of his son, a u.s. marine killed in iraq. >> today marks the fifth anniversary that matthew snyder was killed in iraq. it's a difficult day for his dad only made harder by yesterday's supreme court ruling. this legal fight began about five years ago when members of the westboro baptist church showed up at the funeral of al snyder's son. matthew was killed in iraq. church members shoutedded their hateful message that matthew died because of this country's acceptance of homosexuality. the supreme court ruled the first amendment protects westboro baptist church's right to protest which now means the church has a license to picket funerals no matter how hurtful their message is. a member of that church says the ruling will intensify their picketing. al snyder says the most painful part is he'll have to pay westboro baptist church
nations estimates more than 1,000 people have died. libya's oil chief says production is cut in half. u.s. consumers are feeling the pinch. food prices in january rose the fastest they have since 2008. oil topped 100 dollars a barrel yesterday. gas is up 20 cents a gallon just this week alone. >> it's killing us. we don't go anywhere but work and home. >> we could see gasoline between 4 and $5 a gallon by memorial day, maybe sooner. >> in washington, federal reserve chairman bernanke says through tough economic recovery it is speeding up higher oil prices could be a huge threat. >>> most of the south continues dealing with the after effects of torrential downpours, one state is dealing with wild fires. >>> we will head down to florida where the fires burn house of acres. >>> and parts of one make city shut down after falling ice from the frigid weather results in multiple injuries. details coming up when "good morning maryland" returns. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day
. but the latest offensive is sending a strong message that he is not safe. u.s. and allied force struck hiscompound yard from his tent. the u.s. says he was not a target but the goal was to take out his military capabilities. it is unclear where qaddafi was during the attack. this is the second day of air strikes. international force pounded targets across libya with cruise missiles stealth bombers and fighter jets. the no-fly zone is in place and will hand over control of the military operation in days. qaddafi says he not backing down. >> you are not capable of a prolonged war in libya. we consider ourselves ready for a long war. be aware of that. >> reporter: now a u.s. official says he is not sure how long this military offense live last in libya or if qaddafi will step down. we have the latest on our website at abc2news.com. if you go to the main page, click on the news tab, and click on the world tab and it will bring you this page. we have the latest on stories about what's going on in libya and how it is affecting oil prices there. oil prices overnight haveup ped in -- have jump
. the u.s. department of education says they must pay $55,000 for waiting too long to warn people on campus about the shooter. in all, 32 people were killed april 16th, 2007 when twopeople were shot in a residence call and 30 more near a campus building. virginia it can official plan to appeal that decision. >>> the snow border in california is speaking out after a terrifying brush with death. james drummon was snow boarding -- drummond was snow boarding with friends and slipped. he was buried under a heavy mound of snow. drummond caught the experience on film with the camera attached to his helmet. you can see the snow trapped him after falling into a tree. he managed to call his wife and asked her to call 911 while he waited for hours to be rescued. so quick thinking and a little luck on his part. >> absolutely. it's amazing when that's caught on tape. >>> you may remember this whale, the orca that killed a trainer during a performance. well, he is scheduled to return to performing today at sea world, orlando. the 6-ton orca killed a woman a year ago this month. sea world says n
. >>> 6:30. we have breaking news for you. the london telegraph reports a u.s. warplane crash landed in libya. we have a file picture of the plane we are talking about, an f-15e eagle. the pilot is safe and it appears to be mechanical failure that is to blame. multiple news agencies including the bbc is confirming the story with the u.s. military. >>> also this morning, the latest on the murder at an upscale bethesda yoga shop. prosecutor say the woman charged with killing jayna murray was thought to have stolen merchandise. she fought with her coworker and allegedly killed her. the victim's parents are speaking out for the first time. linda so is here with more. >> reporter: jayna murray's appeared on good morning america and said nothing about the murder but talked about their daughter's loving free spirit. on monday, brittany norwood went before a judge accuseded of beating and stabbing murray to death inside the shop where they worked. norwood lured the coworker back into the store. norwood initially told police two masked men attacked and sexually assaulted them. but the story u
the water pumps needed to cool down the reactors. if that doesn't work, the u.s. is flying in five high pressure water pumps. here at home, the u.s. put up radiation detectors along the west coast just in case. >> there's a lot of space between here and japan, so we don't expect an impact here, but we want to make sure. >> reporter: and this morning, survivors observed a moment of silence one week after the earthquake and tsunami hit. 6500 are confirmed dead. more than 10,000 are still missing. on abc2news.com as you scroll down in the spotlight section you will see a section dedicated the earthquake and the tsunami and how you can help. everything is this in the special session on -- section on abc2news.com. linda so, abc2 news. >>> a south florida inventor is donating high tech gear to protect emergency workers and rescue teams against nuclear radiation in japan. more than 200 safety suits have been sent. the unique full body safety suits which are in high demand because of the special material called department emron that protects against radiation, extreme heat and biological and ch
. >>> the u.s. government is trying to get americans out of japan. charlieey. >> are -- charley. >> flights are being chartered out of japan. nearly officials say more -- official say 450,000 people are in shelters and supplies are running low. more than 5,000 people are believed dead and officials believe the total will climb more than 10,000. >>> look at the video showing the tsunami wave crashing through the store's entrance early in the morning. the water knocked down clothing racks and left clothes and other merchandise washed-up in the nearby parking lot. seven waves wrenched the store during the span of 3 1/2 hours. the store opened in september and the owners are vowing to rebuild and reopen. >>> and stay with abc2news.com. our special section on crisis in japan is full the latest news, pictures and videos. find that under the spotlight section on the home page. >>> today, the usns comfort is shipping out. it went to haiti last year to help after the earthquake and now it's headed south again. linda so joins us live at the canton pier with more on the mission. linda. >> reporter: go
leader is sending a strong message that he is not safe. u.s. and a lied forces struck his compound yards from his tentch u.s. says he was not a target but the goal was to take out his mill tarry -- mill pear -- military capabilities. this is the second day of air strikes. u.s. and international forces have pounded targets across libya with cruise missiles, stealth bombers and fighter jets. a no-fly zone is in place and they will hand over control of the military operation in a matter of days. qaddafi says he is not backing down. >> you are not capable of a prolonged -- for a prolonged war in libya. we consider ourselves ready for a long war. abe ware of that. >> reporter: a u.s. official says he is not sure how long the military effort will last or if qaddafi will step down. if you go to abc2news.com, we posted stories for. you if you click on the news tab and click on world, it will bring you to this page with the latest on everything that's going on in labia, how it's affecting oil prices and how that may affect the prices at the pump. also, new video as the qaddafi vows to keep fighti
31st, at&t wireless will not be charged for international long distance calls from the u.s. and puerto rico to japan as well as text message to japan from the u.s. verizon is offering free calling from residential and wireless callers through april 10th. remember, you can head to abc2news.com for the latest developments on the devastating quake and tsunami in japan. we have a special session featuring a photo slide show and eyewitness accounts and how to help out. it's under the spotlight section on the right side of the home page. >>> 5:32. instead of cashing in a scratch off, a dundalk store owner is cashing them in for herself. melissa stone owns the store. investigators went under cover to see what happened. the alarms went off but stone claimed that there was a problem and it was not actually a winning ticket. a couple hours later she was arrested after authorities say she tried to collect on someone else's luck. >> we are not enticing a retailer to steal from the public. they make that decision. >> investigators arrested a dozen other poem from across the state in the
the qaddafi controlled capital of tripoli. u.s. says qaddafi is not a target. >> i don't know much about the location of the libyan leader nor have we expend military efforts in that regard. >> democracy can't be imposed from the outside. >> president obama says the united states will continue to decrease the role in the military operation in a matter of days. right now, it's not clear exactly who will control the no- fly zone enforcement. >>> today, maryland senator beaver bra mikulski will -- barbara mi cullsly will -- mikulski. superintendents from nine eastern shore counties are scheduled to attend. this comes as congress gets ready to reauthorizing the elementary and secondary school act. >>> if you want have a quality education without giving up all your cash, you don't have to go far. howard county community college could be the best place for you. it is featured in both publiccations this -- in two publications this morning. howard county college is affordable and where families are sending their children for quality education while saving thousands of dollars in the process. >>>
than the nuclear reactor accident will. >> in los angeles, the county health officer warned u.s. citizens against taking iodine as a precaution saying this's no risk of in-- there's no risk of increased radiation. >>> every day the situation in japan gets worse and worse. we get to see it. help is coming from all around the world. even places here in baltimore are doing what they can to give aid to the victims in japan. sherrie johnson is live to explain how you can get involved. sherrie. >> reporter: this wegmans here in hunt valley are certainly doing their part to help those victims of the earthquake in japan. the store just opened a half- hour ago. and customers are coming in. they have the opportunity to donate money once they get to the cash register to check out. one hundred percent of the donations will get to the red cross relief fun for the japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund. all the wegmans stores will accept donation. they have announced a $100,000 donation to help earthquake victims in japan. now, again, that donation starts today and this charity fund runs to
butsouthwest carries more u.s. passengers than any other airline and wills greater influence over the price. fare compare.com says leisurely travelers may be paying some 260 dollars for a ticket that would have cost them $200 at the beginning of 2011. >>> well, subway surpassed mcdonald's as largest restaurant chain they had 33,700restaurant worldwide compared to32,000. the economic downturn battered the industry and chains looked overseas for growth pickly in asia. >>> sports this morning o's took on the yankees last night. first televised spring training game. if you buy the thereity orioles will live and die with the pitching, you had to like what you saw. zack threw threescorelessics and there's new club out of the bag with a bunt base hit and reynolds ran into bad luck when he was thrown out at home on jonese single. the game end in a 0-0 tie and they don't play extra innings in spring. also yesterday, the other half of the o's lost to the red sox 6-5. it's a split squad game. orioles plays at phils today. >>> a disappointing season for the terps but more accolades jordan williams name
from annapolis. we are watching from from the u.s. naval academy. and we have high clouds but a enough breaks in between that we will get some of that sun this morning. a chilly 31. and rain for the weekend. we will talk about that coming up. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. traffic remains running very smoothly this morning. no make problems reported. however, in baltimore city, we are dealing with a pair of water main breaks that can slow you up. more about that coming up next on "good morning, maryland." probably a hundred years... that's how i made my living... fed my family, sent my kids to school shrimpin'... when we heard about the oil spill, people were really scared, bp's not perfect, but they kept this community working. i showed them what i made shrimpin' and bp wrote me a check... it's good right now. it's back you know, we catching good shrimp, we're catchin' pretty shrimp here... y'all come on down for some gulf shrimp, it's time to eat. >>> following breaking news a little earlier in the show we brought you live coverage of the 5:hundred launch of the rocket
. the japanese government is now asked the u.s. for nuclear help. eight more experts from the nuclear regulatory commission are now on their way to japan. >>> it's so hard to look at pictures and know they are real. if it's tough for us as adults to comprehend, imagine how hard it is trying to explane to your children. you -- explain to your children. you want to ease fierce and accurately explain what's going on. us uke this as a teaching tool but do it age appropriately. we have tips on abc2news.com. >>> 5:32. all new this morning, a house committee will talk about whether or not maryland will become the latest state to end the death penalty. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins with us more. >> reporter: a hearing is scheduled for one today before the house judicialary committee. 16 other states and the district of columbia have abolished cal tal -- capital punishment. ban is set to take effect later this year in illinois. it's possible maryland could follow suit. the maryland commission on capital punishment conducted a study and found the penalty has legal determent and the legal proceedings add
the decision was made to get involved in libya to avert a humanitarian crisis. the u.s. will not be leading the mission from here on out. nato has just announced it will take over the military operations. this morning, rebel forces are closing in on qaddafi's hometown and making their way towards the capital of tripoli. they recaptured several key oil towns and are promising to export oil. that prompts the drop in crude oil. obama is going to make the case for libya here at home. >> he needs to convince the american people this is not a long-term open ended commitment. >> reporter: and we have all new information for you on our website at abc2news.com. if you go to the main page it's the first storey. more on the address to the nation tonight. also if you click on our news tab, and go to the world section, it will bring you to this page and we have new stories posted there for you. three of them more on the rebels march towards itly -- tripoli and the gains they are making thanks to the air strikes. also, obama and his address and nato's plan to resume military operation also take over. the
making a preflight inspection of a u.s. airways plane found a hole in the fuselage. hole was visible on the aircraft exterior but didn't go all the way through into the cabin. the fbi is investigating how it could have happen. it flew to charlotte yesterday afternoon from philadelphia. passengers scheduled to fly out on that plane were then immediately booked to other flights. >>> a small plane crashed into the water near st. petersburg florida attempt -- while it attempted to land. it was at the honda grand prix race and a spectator caught the crash landing on tape. the warplane had reported mechanical problems just before it ended up in the water. the good news is both the pilot and passenger were rescued and treated for minor injuries. >>> 6:33 right now. we have seen the digs destruction and devastation in japan-- destruction and devastation in japan and emily and her younger brother scott started helping hands for japan. the two designed t-shirts and they are selling them for $10 all that money that they raise will go to help the people over in japan. >> i saw the people houses
to run for the u.s. vice president on a major party ticket. the funeral is limited to family and friends only. she died saturday of blood cancer. she was 75 years old. her family asked in lieu of flowers donations be made to numerous charities. >>> all new overnight, about two hours ago, nato officials took control of air operations over libya. we found out yesterday that teens team -- team of the cis are -- cia are operating in libya. military analysts say they are on the groundwork covertly with opposition forces. rebel fighters are outnumbered and they say that they are pushed back by qaddafi loyalists. >>> a study of the bridges shows the ones in our state are better than most. that's according to the transportation for america. they have a lower percentage of structurally deficient bridges than all. but 11 other states more than 69,000 bridges across the u.s. needs rnlg nt repairs. -- urgent repairs. pennsylvania and oklahoma has the biggest numbers of deteriorating bridges. new york avenue, the street that never sleeps which you take to get to work in the morning in dc is going to
on foreclosure prevention. the u.s. house committee is visiting baltimore to hear about foreclosure crisiss and how it affected the city as well as the state. the hearing will take place this morning at the university of maryland school of law on baltimore street. we will keep you posted on what happens. >>> it's 5:47. today, maryland congressman plans to announce a bill to prevent protests during military funerals. he says that the measure is in response to the supreme court's decision that funeral protests are permitted under the first amendment. westboro baptist church staged a protest at the funeral of a lance corporal. >>> this morning, police and firefighters say they could leave the community because of the way the county will be handling their future. a huge crowd showed up last night for a county meeting. the anne arundel county council voted 7-0 in favor of a measure to impact police and firefighters by eliminating binding arbitration. the measure that passed allows the county council to make final decisions which police and fire unions fear will make such decisions politically ba
." >>> time 5:38. across the u.s., people are gearing up for st. patrick's day. >> and in washington, the 40th annual washington, d.c. st. patrick's day parade was held. that's video from it. this year's theme was a heritage of education and community service. >>> now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:38. check out cool numbers after hitting the upper 50s with sun yesterday. we are down near or below freezing in many spots. in fact, laurel and ellicott city a. little bowl of cool air. that settled back to 29 degrees. by the water is 33. annapolis 38. and edgemere and up to the north, they are a little milder. the clouds act as a blanket overnight. and that's why they are at 38 in westminster and frederick this morning. there are the cloud showing up. we will be dealing with intermittent clouts but aiming for sun this afternoon. >> reporter: no reported service delays or problems catching the mta along the colal cues -- local bus marc train commuter bus and metro and mobility this morning. everything is on time. looking live at 95
take over sole control of air operation over libya. meanwhile, u.s. officials are saying the cia sent small teams into that north african country. libyan rebels are outnumbered and outgunned and are being forced to retreat. rebels are asking for more help on international level. >> the broader question of system to the opposition is one we are looking at closely. >> today there are congressionalhearings on the u.s. involved in libya. lawmakers said officials said there's no decision about arming the rebels. >>> it's 5:35. we didn't have a repeat of last year's massive snowfall. old man winter gave us a little break. >> not so much luck for those in california. they are saying they have had enough. >>> look at this in north carolina, pigs on parade. a a madge high way -- on a major highway, the what backed the traffic up and caused a major stir. ♪ edible arrangements bouquets. happiness is always in season. call, click, or come into the location near you. >>> look a the this at 5:38. most of you can appreciate how beautiful the snow looks because it's not here. these will pictures fr
, but he is expected to say the decision was made to get involved to avert a humanitarian crisis. the u.s. will not be leading the mission from here on out. nato has announced it will take over all military operations. this morning, rebel forces are closing in on qaddafi's hometown and make their way towards the capital tripoli. they have recaptured several key oil towns and are promising to restart exporting oil. that is prompting a slight drop in the soaring price of crude oil. here at home, obama is getting ready to make his case. >> i think he handled it very well, and the reason yes intervened is that terrible things were happening on the ground in libya. people were being killed. and qaddafi himself had said that he was going to slaughter everybody. we had international support for it. >> reporter: and we have the latest on our website at abc2news.com. if you go to the main page, it's the first story in the slide show. more on obama's address to the nation tonight. also, if you click on the news tab in the world section, it will bring you to this page and we have three new stories p
if you have friends and family who live in japan. e mail us at newsroom at wmar.com. the u.s. embassy is closed for the rest of the day in japan. if you are trying to get in touch with familiar lane friends in japan, call the state department at 202-647- 4000 or check www.state.gov. >>> we have got a lot of rain here at home. we want to know what the weekend is looking like. justin, will it get drier for us. >> yes, it is. we have showers left over this morning. one more time, i will recap what happened with the earthquake. even worse than what we have been hearing. and i am sure we will get more information coming in. but the 8.9 quake, the 7th largest on record. the tsunami was 33 feet tall. 10 meters that's 33 feet tall. and when you see some of the images we have had, there's no doubting that with the devastation that had rolled through. not only major metropolitan areas, two million people in population immediately affected, but also through the countryside. and warnings continue around the pacific as we watch the travel times. expecting to reach hawaii sometime locally this morn
pumps needed to cool down the reactors. if that doesn't work, the u.s. is flying in five high preservure water pumps. -- personnure -- pressure water pumps. radiation detectors have been put up on the west coast. >> there's lot of space between here and japan. we don't expect an impact, but we want to make sure. >> reporter: this morning, survivors observed a moment of silence to mark the one week anniversary since the tsunami and earthquake hit. right now, 65 con-- 6500 confirmed dead, more than 10,000 missing. at abc2news.com, if you scroll done on the right-hand side, we have a special section dedicated to everything in japan. how you can help, the latest on the nuclear plant and the efforts to contain it from spewing more radiation. but, again, that's on the website at abc2news.com. all the stories we have done so far and new video this morning. we are live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. >>> concern over the damaged nuclear reactors have caused a run on potassium iodine in the united states. the nonprescription drug is used to protect the thyroid glan
the situation in libya is getting worse. the u.s. is considering whether to arm rebels. the fighting highlighted the dilemma facing the united states and its allies. reports say libyan rebels have been fleeing cities that qaddafi's forces have been hammering. libyan opposition leaders promise an orderly transition if they are able to push qaddafi out. >> we are not going to hang people in the street. we are going to establish a law and order and we are going ttry everybody responsible for a crime. >> opposition fighters fled as they were slammed with artier -- artillery shells. >>> resignation is aimed at appeasing more than a week of mass protests. the syria's president will address the nation to announce he is moving to stop the restriction on civil liberties as well as political freedoms. >>> 5:34. a big concern for the troubled fukushima nuclear power plant in japan. safety officials say they have detected the highest radiation levels in the sea water near the complex. meantime, the official death toll from the march 11thquake and tsunami passed 11,000 and 16,000 are reported missing. >>> th
and the u.s. justice department southwest is the chargest carrier at bwi and air tran is the second largest carrier. southwest said the merger would not affect their fare prices. >>> 6:37 right now. if you are looking for a job, head over to towson today. choice career fairs is holding an event to let you connect with local employers. the career fair starts at 10:30 this morning and goes until 2 in the afternoon and it's being held at best western north baltimore towson on cromwell bridge road. jobs are available in every thing from financial services to nursing. and the career fair is free. >>> a controversial iphone ap has been removed -- app has been removed after 150,000 people signed a petition it be taken down. the app is called gay cure. and it upset a lot of people. it claimed to be able to free you from homosexuality through the power of jesus. >>> a new app unveiled that will allow you to share photos instantly with anyone around you. it's called color and it's the newest social app for the smart phone. aid free app that connects people allowing them and you to share a tex and pho
:07 their time. good morning america will be on that. we have warnings taking you to the west coast of the u.s. you can see the red shadeings, central california, all the way up through oregon. we continue to watch that wave work its way across the pacific. and locally, we are watching the wave of moisture out here and leftover sprinkles in harford and cecil county. after flooding rains that produced four inches shall we guaranteed a scattered showers and temperatures reached 52 before dropping this afternoon. 6:31. let's go to the road with kim brown. >> reporter: traffic is off to a pretty good start beginning your friday morning commute. we have a lot of flooding closures particularly on some of the secondary roadways near harford and cecil couldn't imlook live in howard county -- county, looking live at howard county traffic is moving well. southbound towards montgomery county no problems. here's what we have closures in aberdeen route 7 closed at james way because of high water. use pulaski highway as an alternate. havre de grace, creeks corner closed at staffordch this is in forest hill
across the u.s. now the storms are here and so is the threat of flooding and damage in our region. abc2 news linda so is out in the elements this morning in mountain washington for a spot of that's known for flooding but not so much yet, linda. >> reporter: yeah, actually, nothing to complain about. i mean, the water is still under control. we have been getting the rain steady all over night. but so far, no flooding problems here at the jones falls by the kelly avenue bridge. we came out here because this area is prone to flooding. and in the past, cars have been flooded and the shops here damaged at mount washington mill. they have the whole foods and starbucks. back in 2004 they dealt with a lot of storm damage. but this morning things are not looking that bad. you know that could change later in the day as we continue to get the rain and waters rise. but so far nothing to complain about here. you know, our area has not gotten as bad as other states that have been pounded by the storm. in new jersey, several rivers have overflowed the banks. dozens had to be evacuated from the homes a
. the u.s. germany and many other countries are telling people not to travel to japan. many people are trying to get in touch with loved ones. state department set up a hotline to call. 888-407-4747. you can call or e-mail. if you send an e-mail, put the person's name you are look for and what area of japan they live. you can find that information at abc2news.com. you can find ways to help victims of the quake and tsunami. go to the world news section of our website. >>> at 7 years old, attacked by pit bulls while in front of her home. a young girl is in critical condition and neighbors say they are not surprised by the weekend attack. sherrie johnson tells us what happened. >> reporter: charley, today we could learn if the owners of two pit bulls will be charged after a weekend attack on a 7- year-old girl. amanda mitchell was attacked on saturday. neighbors jumped in to help the child's mother get the dogs off amanda. they used sticks and shovels to fight off the dogs. amappeda was bleeding and had lacerations on both sides of -- amanda was bleeding and had laceration on both sid
worries. the white house said they're considering tapping into the 727 million barrels u.s. strategic oil reserves. >> it's something that only is done and has been done on very rare occasions. >> the oil reserve is there for emergencies. this is not an emergency. >> reporter: one oil analyst says there's political pressure for the president to lower prices. >> you can say i did something and you are better off. what elected official wouldn't want to do that? >> reporter: the squeeze is on. >> it's hard to ask our customers for increases right now, so we really have to suck it up. that hurts again. >> reporter: leaving drivers and gas tanks with a an increasingly empty feeling. analysts say when gas gets above $4 a gallon, demand and prices drop. in some parts of the country, $4 gas is now a reality. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >>> we are working for you to find the cheapest gas in your area. head to abc2news.com, click on the traffic tab and then gas prices. you can actually put in your zip code and find the lowest prices at a pump near you. >>> members of the outspoken westboro
trade commission, maryland was number 9 in the u.s. for id theft complaints. the state ratio of thefts are about 83 out of 100,000. the ftc received more than 250,000 id theft complaint last year. and maryland accounts for 19% of those total calls. >>> gary williams and the maryland terrapins kick off the akc tournament in greensboro north carolina. they match up with nc state at 7 tonight. maryland beat the wolf pack on february 20th, 87-80 and in all likelihood, they are going to have to win the acc tournament to get a bid to the nca amount tournament. tip off is tonight at 7. and that game can be -- you can catch the game on espn2. >>> well carmelo anthony saveded game for the knicks. he shot a 91-footer, 19 footer for those dyslexic and made it. the knicks withstood the rallyand beat the grizzlies 110- 108. anthony finished with 31 points. >>> today st. john's will take on syracuse in the big east tournament. but some say it should be rutgers playing this afternoon even the ncaa is saying so. check this out. last night, in the game trailing st. john's by 2, rutgers inbounds the bal
of ability and willingness to compromise and make decisions. that's never good for the u.s. ecomony. >> reporter: now not every thing would shut down. the military would operate and government checks would still be issued. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >>> it's 6:30. people across the country have been out protesting supporting union workers in wisconsin. in sacramento, hundreds of people out with signs across the street from where tea party members were supporting governor scott walker's plan to abolish collective bargaining rights. all this happened. >> that one shove got that 28- year-old cite for battery and another -- cited for battery and another man sprained his wrist. >>> a texas day care owner wanted in a deadly fire has now fled the country. immigration officials say the 22-year-old fled to her homeland of nigeria saturday before being charged. four children died and three others were injured at a fire at her home that served as a day care. police say they had been left alone when she went to the grocery store and investigators say the fire started in the kitchen whe
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